Know Your "Why"!

It's been said that if you know your "why", you can endure almost any "how". When it comes to this little festival, we definitely know our "why"!

It's simple, really. We just LOVE music. But it's also more than that. We love music, that's a fact, but we especially love it when presented in a certain way. In a way that's truly about the music. And, in many ways, about the artists.

Concerts are great. Big, foot-on-the-gas parties are great too. But sometimes, when you least expect it, you take your foot off the gas, you relax and take a breath, and you really start to listen and experience what is happening up on the stage. You see authentic artists pouring their hearts out. You see the end result of their hours and years of creativity, passion, and dedication come to life.

You hear the instruments in a way that maybe you didn't before, you marvel at the harmonies that can only resonate from a live stage, you pay attention to the lyrics and story-telling as you live the song through their eyes. It's magic. It's lightning in a bottle and you're not sure if it will ever happen again. If you're lucky, though, it does.

It's bold. It's ambitious. But it's possible.

And it gets even more possible if we can create an event that has all the right ingredients, assembles the right artists, and attracts the right gathering of music lovers.

And that, friends, is what we are trying to do! We are taking our first steps on the journey to create an event that lives up to the sentence that inspired this whole thing...

Nights like this make you realize...

The wrong people are selling out stadiums!

We invite you to join us this September. We are excited, our lineup is excited, and we hope you are too!