Artist Sampler

Click the button to listen to a playlist of songs from each of the artists performing at UTM '23 !!!

Our Executive Director put together this playlist for our staff and volunteers to get to know the artists. We liked it so much, we decided to share it with you! He even included some notes.

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Prophets and Outlaws

Soul Shop

Gosh, not easy at all to pick just one from these guys. In fact, I keep changing which track is sitting in this list. But, it's a sampler, so this is the one (for now). You'll love it, promise!

Shea Abshier

Something Sacred

Great vocals, haunting lyrics about the struggle of the starving artist. Quite possibly my favorite track on this list.

Jackson Hatch

Backwood Lullaby

Met Jackson in his teens, just getting started and playing backyard parties. He has worked so hard and is really starting to find his groove.

Buck Fuffalo

Barkin' At The Moon

Buck made a name for himself with irreverent stuff like this. He is currently branching into more “normal” stuff but if we're lucky, we'll get a little nod to some treats like this one. Super musician, GREAT entertainer, and an even better guy.

Brett Hendrix

Sneakin' Around

Met this young fella in his teens too. Has become almost a “member of the family” around our house. Moved to Colorado last year (sadly), but we still follow him closely and stay in touch. Hard for me not to insist that he plays "Passenger Seat" for us, but that's from his early stuff. This is his latest and greatest.

Race Ricketts

You Don't Deserve Writing a Song About

This track is currently #1 on 95.3 The Ranch Top 12 list of Texas Music. Pretty impressive. It's a duet with Presley Haile (also on our lineup). He's been hard at work on new stuff too, September can't get here soon enough!

Presley Haile

Mountain Daughter

Hard to describe how well this young lady can sing. When you hear her live for the first time, it stops you in your tracks. She loves her Texas roots, but this one has her a bit torn. Oh, and by the way, this track just cracked the 95.3 The Ranch Top 12 as well!

Nick Brumley

4:20 Saved My Life

If the title of this one seems confusing, ask your kids. Nick is a storyteller extraordinaire. Always on point, and always with something up his sleeve. This one is a great example of his style.

Natalie Price


The track is called "Done", but Natalie certainly isn't. This one is from her up-coming album and just dropped on Spotify today (6/30/23). Enjoy!

Matt Hartman

Gypsy Soul

Matt fronts a band called Cottonwood Crows, so this is one of theirs you may have heard before. Give this one a listen and you'll see why we're so excited to have Matt on our lineup.

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