Beyond the Melody

Beyond the Melody is one of the things we are most excited about for 2023! We all go to concerts or see live music at various events, but we rarely get to know the artists beyond what we see for 30-90 minutes on stage. And that's a shame!

For our Sponsors and VIP ticket holders, we will be hosting a special event on Saturday late afernoon. It's our Sponsor Appreciation Dinner and we are calling it Beyond the Melody. We will be feeding our Sponsors and VIPs and hosting a Q&A session with a panel of selected artists. We (and you) will be asking them questions about their music, their influences, touring, recording, writing, their favorite things, and more!

The session begins at 5:30pm on Saturday and is only available to our Sponsors and VIP ticket holders. We have a limited capacity for this event, so don't delay on signing up to be a sponsor or purchasing your VIP tickets!