Take Care of Your PC, and Your PC Will Take Care of You!

golden-eggIf you know anything about me, you know I work with computers and programming. That’s sort of “what I do”. That being said, it would be understandable for you to assume this post is going to have something to do with computers, computing, laptops, websites, social media… Something like that, right? At least something along those lines as a metaphor, right? Well, you’d be mistaken.

This is about something far more important. I only use PC in the title to give you a hook when you think about this topic. A spot where you can remember what you thought this might be about and then make the connection to what it’s really about.

To begin, let’s talk about Aesop and his fables. You can use the link to learn all you want, and then some, about Aesop. But, for our purposes, we are only going to discuss his fable about the Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs.

If you know that story, you know an ancient Greecian farmer happened upon a goose that was able to lay eggs made of gold. In fact, it would lay one golden egg every day like clockwork. Needless to say, life for the farmer took a noticeable turn for the better. He and his wife were suddenly wearing all of the latest toga styles to the parties, they had box seats at the Parthenon, they had matching chariots to run around town in. Life was good. But not good enough. The farmer wanted more, and he wanted it now. He commanded the goose to start laying two golden eggs per day. When the goose couldn’t comply, the farmer took matters into his own hands. He killed the goose and cut it open to get all of the golden eggs at once. Much to his surprise, he found no golden eggs inside and now had a dead goose incapable of laying any more golden eggs at all!

designmfgNow… What on earth does this have to do with your PC. Nothing! That is, unless you change your perspective on what your PC is. In this case, your PC is your Production Capacity.

For our farmer, he had lots of choices. The goose was his meal ticket. He should have done everything within his power to protect the goose. If he wanted more, he should have done what he could to find another goose. He could have researched how to provide better food, exercise, and care for the goose in hopes that it might lay more than one golden egg per day. Anything but kill the goose. He would have been wise to put in a security system and hire guards to keep predators away from the hen house! PROTECT THE GOOSE!!!

Your education is YOUR GOOSE!! Or, more precisely, that egg that sits between your ears is your GOOSE! It’s not optional. It is something that must be protected, nurtured, taken care of, improved, enhanced,… for the rest of your life. Your brain, in virtually every way imaginable, IS your Production Capacity. If you are currently in school, developing your Production Capacity is Job #1! If you are not in school, it still needs to remain very high on your list. Take care of that, and everything else will start to take care of itself.

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